A Letter to Wanderers (Vol.2)


Dear Wanderers:


Two weeks have passed since we met for the first time in Tower of Fantasy's closed beta test. How has your journey through Aida been? Have you been enjoying the beauty of the Tower of Fantasy? Found a weapon you like? Or making new friends perhaps?


The past two weeks went by in a flash for us, yet at the same time, it felt long. As our 1st regional beta test for the global version, it has definitely been a challenge for us. We've been paying close attention to your in-game experiences and reading through every single piece of feedback you've provided us. Positive or negative, we're very grateful for them all. Your feedback is very valuable to us, as it'll help us reflect on the aspects of the game which require improvements and allow us to provide an even better game to you in the upcoming beta test(s) or official launch.


We'd like to use this opportunity to answer our most frequently asked questions, and we hope it'll give you a better understanding of our plans and thoughts.



Q: I'm playing on a PC, and I like playing with a controller. My experience hasn't been ideal on PC, and I hope controller support can be improved.

A: The controller supports are being optimized, and the following will be ready upon the official launch:

1. Improvements to button configuration to be more in line with common configurations favored by controller fans.

2. Improvements to controller compatibility with the function menu.

3. Added the function to customize the button configuration for the controller.

We will continue to make improvements based on the feedback we receive in the future!


Q: I'm playing on an iPhone. I tap the wrong button from time to time, and I can't set a custom configuration. It's quite inconvenient.

A: Tap on Settings > Others to modify button layout, opacity, and distance from your screen's borders. Please give it a try. We're also evaluating the feasibility of modifying button size and other function buttons.


Q: Combat isn't as fast-paced as I'd like it to be, the impact and special effects in battle aren't striking enough, and some weapon movements are a little awkward.

A: We're constantly exploring and improving our weapon designs. All existing weapons in the game will be improved (some are already being completed), and you'll see just how much we've grown from the new and upcoming weapons that will be added to the game! Additionally, we would love to hear specific and detailed suggestions. For example, suggestions to improve certain aspects of a weapon. We'll evaluate all your feedback and take it into consideration.


Q: The User Interface (UI) isn't user-friendly, and some areas lack information. It would be nice if the completed exploration points were marked, along with the detailed gathering locations info tips.

A: It's on our agenda. We will be continuously improving the UI's ease of use and aesthetics. These changes will be ready for the official launch. Of course, we're happy to receive specific and detailed suggestions to help us do better!

Besides that, we believe that mastering and planning exploration routes are the key element to enjoying and experiencing the challenge of an open-world game. So, we don't intend to add tips or marks for the exploration and gathering points to the map for now. However, we'll continue to pay attention to the feedback about this. We recommend using the existing pin function to mark the relevant locations.


Q: The menu is too long and complicated. I can't find anything. Especially the mailbox, it's too well-hidden in the menu.

A: It's one of the main aspects we're improving. Firstly, we'll be adding a mail notification icon in the main interface for convenient access to the mailbox. As for the menu, we're in the process of simplifying it. It will be ready in future versions.


Q: I feel the game lacks sufficient guidance and tutorials. For example, the mechanics of triggering Phantasia. I hope it'll be improved since it is an essential system, which is pretty vague right now. For example, by adding a mission like "Please trigger Phantasia 3 times".

A: As noted above, there's room for improvement in the game's tutorials. We'll be adding more comprehensive tutorial stages in future versions, including tutorials for Phantasia, shield-breaking, Relics, and even weapon combinations. There will also be completion rewards . Please keep an eye out for the next beta test and official launch of Tower of Fantasy!



Due to space constraints, we've selected the most popular questions to answer today. Thank you for all the feedback you've given us. It’s thanks to your feedback we found out so many players are fond of character creation, and we got to enjoy so many cool and interesting pictures and fan art. The videos and group photos of you fighting bosses and clearing instances together truly moved us and gladdened our hearts. Of course, we received reports about server instability, localization errors, system bugs, etc. We will continuously polish the game to give you a better experience, and we'll actively search for solutions to ceaselessly improve the game as well.


Thanks again for your support and feedback. We hope you'll continue enjoying your life in the Tower of Fantasy, and keep your eyes on the next beta test and official launch of the game. Please feel free to contact our customer service (support@toweroffantasy-global.com) and our official social media accounts to give us your feedback.




Tower of Fantasy Team (with love!)